Privacy Policy

Who we are

This is a blog site called Write Marketing Off with the domain address. The owner and operator of this site is Mrs. Betty Pursell. In extremis, she can be contacted at the following email address:

betty.p (at) writemarketingoff (dot) com   – reconstruct using the @ symbol and removing brackets etc.

Mrs. Pursell resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

This site does not collect any personal data whatsoever. We do not have users, only visitors.

We do not collect names.

We do not collect email addresses.

We do not set up personal accounts or account preferences.

There is nothing to buy on this site.

Users are not enabled on this site. Therefore, there are no User Consent requirements.

If we do not collect personal identifiable information, then it follows that we do not retain or store it either.

There are no contact forms on this site, nor do we anticipate or encourage ongoing interaction with visitors.


Comments are turned off. It follows that no personal information is collected through making comments on our blog posts – because you can’t comment.


We do not allow users. Therefore, we do not allow users to upload media files. All images on this site are either our own image files or stock photography purchased with relevant license/s from the stock photo vendor.


We shall list all cookies used by this site in due course. However, they will be very limited because:

a). The operator of this site has set none; and
b). Very few 3rd party plugins are used; and
c). The theme is very light, almost skeletal.

Once our social media accounts are established, there may be some cookies triggered. In which case, we shall list them here when relevant and where appropriate.


We have installed no analytics package to this site. So there is no analytics tracking from which visitors can opt out. There is also no analytics provider’s privacy policy that we can link to, for the same reason.

With whom we share your data

There are no third-party providers with whom the Operator shares site data. There are no partners, cloud-based services nor are there payment processors. We do not share visitor data because there is no data and there are no 3rd party providers.

How long we retain your data

We neither collect any personal data nor do we retain any.

What rights you have over your data

None because you will give us no data by visiting this site.

Where your data is sent

Nowhere because no data is collected or stored.

Contact information

You should have no privacy-concerns at all because we collect none of your personally identifiable information. Nevertheless, if despite our assurances you have any privacy concerns, feel free to contact Mrs Betty Pursell at the email address indicated at the top of this privacy policy page.

We are not required to have a Data Protection Officer.

Additional information

This site is not used for commercial purposes at least not directly.

How we protect your data

We do not protect user’s data because we have no users and we don’t collect their data.

For similar reasons, we have not performed a Privacy Impact Assessment.

Industry regulatory disclosure requirements

We are not a member of a regulated industry. We are not subject to additional privacy laws.

The operators are neither trained accountants nor are they accountancy practitioners in the U.S.

Please see our separate Disclaimer Policy on the nature, validity, accuracy and relevance of the tax information provided on our website.