Betty Pursell

Hello there.

My name is Betty Pursell and I work for a marketing agency on the business development side of things. I wanted to point clients somewhere dependable where they could find out how much of my agency’s professional marketing fees could be deducted from their tax bill. Couldn’t find anywhere apart from arcane sections of the IRS site maze. So I created this space with help from a few colleagues.

Our site doesn’t sell anything except reassurance for our clients that 100% of our “ordinary and necessary” marketing fees can be written off to tax. The well-researched tax information is bang up-to-date on how to treat marketing costs marketing in tax returns (as at May 2022).

We hope the information is useful for your business too as you decide whether to invest in that new marketing project proposal.

The information here hasn’t been checked by a tax professional as we feel it’s pretty straightforward. Nevertheless, I recommend you talk to your own accountant to be sure. After all, our site only covers how promotional marketing costs can be treated in your tax return. Also see our disclaimer; this completely absolves ourselves from all mistakes we make here.

Only joking!

Seriously, if there’s anything you see on this site that’s obviously wrong, we’ll ‘woman up’ and happily change the information provided once verified.

My employer benefits because as we point to the tax breaks available, it helps removes potential objections on marketing investment costs. By encouraging our prospective clients to bite the bullet on our marketing project proposals, we grow too.

Any questions?