About Us

We produce creative and clear visual communication pieces that allow the audience to focus on information that is presented in a way that accents our client's brand image while effectively increasing consumer's awareness and respect for the promoted products.

The owner and operator of Write Marketing Off has been doing video related work ever since he started mixing and recording audio in 8th grade. Rory's interest in cameras and software grew as a result of enrolling in a Television Production Class during his sophomore year of high school. He continued to take television production classes until he won the gold metal at a state wide VICA video competition during his senior year, right before he graduated. After high school, Rory pursued a formal education and career in video and film, and at the same time he started a videography company. He also began working at two local television stations. The knowledge he gained trough working in the KOLD News 13 graphic art department allowed Rory to expand his video production company's product line to include graphic design, motion graphics, and animations. After three and a half years of working at KOLD News 13, Rory decided to quit his day job and focus on running his company eventhough he was promoted numerous times.  Rory decided to focus on running his wedding videography company full time and expanded its products offered to include television commercials, animations and graphic designs.  After a few years Rory decided to stop offering wedding videography and eventually re-opened his production company as Write Marketing Off after deciding to offer a variety of printed graphic art products along with his traditional digital product line. 

These days Rory Boen is pushing the envelope with like minded individuals; striving to create respectable products for respectable pay as the owner - operator of Write Marketing Off.  Fabi, aka Iberica, is the President of Write Marketing Off. Rory Boen needs her, believes in her, and is thankful to have her.